Mobile Zone Belfast were one of the pioneers of such concept in Belfast. To save the time and effort of our esteemed customers we introduced doorstep repairs which means our mobile workshop can come and repair your devices at your doorstep while you look on. Our phone repair shops in Belfast are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and spares and are capable of doing repairs at short notice.

Free collection and delivery prompt us to collect your device from your doorstep, bring it to our outlet, get it repaired and bring it back at your doorstep. You do not have to leave the safety and comfort of your home and get the repair done as well. 

Pioneers of Doorstep Phone Repair Service in Belfast

We are all well aware of the repair process of mobile phone or tablet. You take your device to a repair shop, they ask you to allow some time for diagnostics and once they have ascertained the fault they would call you to give you an estimated price of repair and with your consent, they would carry out the repair. This is a time-consuming process that demands your time and attention. In today’s world it is near impossible to have such ample amount of time at your hands and we all hope and desire for an easier alternative.

Reason Mobile Zone Belfast is Your Best Option When it Comes to Phone Repairs

We have been in this business for many years and have done over 40,000 repairs till date. Our mobile workshops are state of the art units and can carry any sort of repairs and our technicians are best in business. Our prices are lowest in Belfast and our work is backed by life time warranty. We would recommend you to come and see for your self how our efficient and helpful services making difference and helping people.