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Whether you've damaged the screen or you're experiencing battery issues, you can rely on our team of skilled technicians to get your tablet back in top condition in no time.

Tablets are now part and parcel of every house hold and are a convenient source of connectivity to the rest of the world. There is nothing that you cannot do by only clicking a few times. Tablets are becoming such an important part because of their ability to be carried anywhere anytime but this also make them prone to problems. They are easily drop able and once you drop those sophisticated machines, they can present multiple problems. Mobile Zone Belfast specialize in all sorts of tablet repairs. It does not matter what sort of tablet you have, we can fix it for you.

i pad mini4 screen replacement

Faulty/Broken Screen Replacement

Tablets are consisted upon two dimensions mainly. Front and back and front side of the tablet is basically all screen. If you drop the tablet there is 50% chance that you would end up damaging the screen. Either you would break it or just cause a fault in it and replacing it is a better choice than getting it repaired and Mobile Zone Belfast can get it done for you in no time. We have replacement screens in stock of all size and brands available.

Digitizer Replacement

The digitizer is a layer of glass that converts analog touch comments into digital signals. Sometimes instead of the whole screen, the digitizer replacement is enough that also save you some money. This repair can be done immediately with the help of special equipment and skilled technician.

Faulty Power Button

Messed up the power button? Power button is usually the only other component on the front of tablet and can wear off with continues usage. Power button of your tab can be repaired and replaced all you have to do is contact us and we take it from there.

Tablet Battery Replacement

In a tablet,most common problem that you can experience is the weak battery. The only way to fix this is tablet battery replacement and that can be done at your doorstep as well as long as you have someone who is expert at such repairs.

Samsung tab a 2019 LCD replacement

Introduction of Tablets

Tablets can be defined as small wireless hand held computers. Think of a computer or a laptop, a tablet is smaller than a laptop but larger than a smart phone yet contain the functions of both devices. Tablets have their own operating systems. Tablets now a days are built with wireless internet or local area connections and a multitude of applications help one touch access. 

Tab can be repaired at Your Doorstep in Belfast

Good news is that even though repairing those components is a complicated job and require specialized equipment and skills, there are places that can do a great job in repairs. It is imperative that you find an authentic and genuine place to get your expensive tablet fixed while saving money and here Mobile Zone Belfast can come for your help. Either you have an Ipad or android tablet we can repair any tablet ever made. 

Why Choose Mobile Zone Belfast for Tab Repairs?

There are several reasons. You have every right to question us that why you should choose Mobile Zone Belfast and we understand your curiosity. So, we have mentioned a few essential reasons for choosing us over anyone else in Belfast.

Years of Experience

We have been repairing tablets for years now and this experience means repairing tablets has now become our second nature. To this date we have done over 32,000 repairs that shows the confidence that Belfast puts in us for the fast and efficient repairs.

Friendly Staff

Our staff is friendly and engaging as we know that having your tablet fixed is an exasperating affair and a customer can only be comforted with friendly attitude. Every time you come into any of our 3 branches in Belfast you will see smiling faces paying complete attention.

i pad air 5th generation digitizer replacement
Cheapest Cost of Tablet Repairs in Belfast

We guaranty that our prices are most competitive in the whole Belfast and since we offer our services online, our competitiveness is unmatched on this domain as well. You can come without the thought of being ripped off and get the best prices with us.

Three Fully Equipped Branches in Belfast 

For your convenience, we have established three fully equipped branches in Belfast and you can visit any one of them for repair work or to buy any tablet you can think of. We stock all sorts of spare parts and have best technicians available at all three locations.

Express Repair and Lifetime Warranty

We understand that you sometimes have no time to wait and need to get your tablet fixed immediately so we introduced express service where you can get it repaired in no time at all. We are so confident of the ability of our technicians that we give no fix, no pay guarantee and if we do repair that we do most of the time anyway, we give you a lifetime warranty in most of the cases. 

30 Minutes Repair Service

Last but not the least we have introduced 30 minutes repair service where you can get your repair no matter what in just 30 minutes with warranty included.


Call Us Now for a FREE Doorstep Phone Repairs Service

If you are in Belfast, we can come and fix your phones and tablets at your doorstep at no extra cost. Speak to us to arrange an appointment.

Client Feedback

Brilliant speedy service couldn’t recommend these guys enough! 4 phones fixed within an hour, all done from the front of the house within a day of mailing, done for very competitive prices, 5 star service??

Stephen Totten

Very quick service and right on your doorstep. Got a new battery and charger port cleaned and only took 10 minutes. Really good prices as well as i was quoted much more than I paid elsewhere.

Martin Keon

Had my phone screen changed and back glass changed working like a dream. Would recommend them!

Adam Ali

Phone was fixed as quick as possible good as new

Andree Tweedie

amazing service. phone was collected from my door fixed ans returned within 2 or 3 hours. hassle free. will defo use again.

Brett Crothers

Good service reasonable and quick easy to deal with. New LCD screen on Samsung s6

Billy Higgins

Highly recommended by a friend and Was not disappointed contacted me back pretty fast goood delivery service had my phone back within a day in goood working order and excellent prices 5 out of 5 from me ??

Derry O'Keeffe

Why Choose Us?

No Fix No Fee

You don’t have to pay a penny if your device isn’t repaired.

Life Time Warranty

We offer life time warranty on repairs done by us.

Free Doorstep Repairs

No extra charge for doorstep phone repairs or collection in Belfast.

40,000 Devices Repaired

We have repaired more than 40,000 devices and counting.


Call Us Now for a FREE Doorstep Phone Repairs Service

If you are in Belfast, we can come and fix your phones and tablets at your doorstep at no extra cost. Speak to us to arrange an appointment.