Samsung Galaxy A40 Water Damage Repairs in Belfast

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Get a Repair Service for Water Damage Samsung Galaxy A40 in Belfast

It is one of the worst feeling when you know that you are about to lose your phone due to water damage. Thanks to the latest technology most of the phones are waterproof. However excessive amount of water can ultimately affect the way your phone function. Mobile Zone Belfast employs trained experts that can get the water damaged Samsung Galaxy A40 repaired back to perfect working condition at affordable prices. 

How Can You Save Your Phone

When your phone comes in to contact with water, the water seeps inside the phone and damage the internal components. There are preventative steps that you can take to limit the damage. Turning the phone off ensures that the electricity supply to those components is cut off. Remove the sim car and it is advised to keep the phone in uncooked rice or silica gel as these are known to have drying capabilities. Some people tend to keep it in the sun or dry space; this is not recommended as the water can damage the phone further. Best thing that you can do is to take it to a trusted and reliable repair outlet for quick checkup. 

Water Damage Repair Experts in Belfast

Water damage in the phone demands on of the most thorough repair procedures. We carefully open up the phone and once we check the severity of the damage, we start the repair procedure. First of all we take all the components apart and clean them thoroughly with specialist chemical. If that does not fix it then we might have to replace a few components to bring your phone back to life. Our standard repair take a day or two depending on the severity of the problem and the express repair takes half the time.

You can take advantage of our mobile workshop where all you need to do is to call us and let us know the details. We can send our fully equipped mobile workshop to your doorstep. Our expert mechanic can fix your Samsung Galaxy A40 while you watch. You can book our services online or call us and we can help you fix the phone.

Popular Samsung Galaxy A40 Repair Types


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Client Feedback

Brilliant speedy service couldn’t recommend these guys enough! 4 phones fixed within an hour, all done from the front of the house within a day of mailing, done for very competitive prices, 5 star service??

Stephen Totten

Very quick service and right on your doorstep. Got a new battery and charger port cleaned and only took 10 minutes. Really good prices as well as i was quoted much more than I paid elsewhere.

Martin Keon

Had my phone screen changed and back glass changed working like a dream. Would recommend them!

Adam Ali

Phone was fixed as quick as possible good as new

Andree Tweedie

amazing service. phone was collected from my door fixed ans returned within 2 or 3 hours. hassle free. will defo use again.

Brett Crothers

Good service reasonable and quick easy to deal with. New LCD screen on Samsung s6

Billy Higgins

Highly recommended by a friend and Was not disappointed contacted me back pretty fast goood delivery service had my phone back within a day in goood working order and excellent prices 5 out of 5 from me ??

Derry O'Keeffe

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Call Us Now for a FREE Doorstep Phone Repairs Service

If you are in Belfast, we can come and fix your phones and tablets at your doorstep at no extra cost. Speak to us to arrange an appointment.